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Authoress — Maria Nekrasova    Translater — Julia Melnikova


"Nowdays a pupil doesn't want any more to be directed to knowledge. He needs to keep up with a teacher and collaborate together to overcome new tops …"

According to the standard of education at a step of the primary school  the formation of learning abilities to study, to self regulate  ,to accept and  keep the goals and follow them in educational activity,  plan the activity, control  it and  assess is carried out .

For this a child needs to find the personal internal motivation, to learn to set up the goals and to achieve them. And for this purpose the process of learning needs to be conscious in order to build up the internal motivation. If a child understands, why he comes to school, why he studies this or that subject, why it is necessary for him, he will consciously use the efforts for developing knowledge and will start doing more, than he can.

How can it be achieved in practice? With the help of such well known instruments of coaching as 4 questions of planning, traveling   to the future, questions "If you …?” wheels, scales, etc. which can be applied in the process of learning.

During the first school days children travel to the future, set up learning goals, follow their own pieces of advice; identify personal characteristics which will help to achieve these objectives and the first steps. Children like such travelling — as one boy told: "I have identified the goals of which I never thought before".

Everything is fixed in a personal notebook of achievements in the way convenient to everyone: someone in details writes down all objectives and steps, someone draws, someone draws flowcharts or mind maps. It is personal space of creativity and creation of the amazing world.

Now, when everyone realizes for what he needs school, motivation appears, because a child understands, what is the purpose of doing this or that. This also builds positive relation to study, realization   the zones of growth, the best ways of overcoming the arising difficulties. There is conscious pleasure of learning, self-discipline, ability to self-reflection, the correct relation to failures and success, ability to draw conclusions and to derive benefits from this.


Additional home task also helps a child to monitor the growth of motivation and conscious relation to learning process. In each subject besides some obligatory minimum the additional material is offered which is sometimes beyond the school program. For example, in Russian subject – to compose a  cinquain,  write the composition consisting of phraseological units, draw a tree of cognate words, etc.; in mathematics – to solve problems of the increased complexity, make up own mathematical problems and  solve them, with the following suggestion to solve it to  classmates etc.; on science subjects  – to prepare the report, to execute trials etc., on the subject of literature  – to learn by heart the poem which is not from the textbook, to write the composition with arguments, etc. It is amazing that for the first time the additional home task was done only by the few – as later  became clear, many didn't decide to assume these  obligations as there is a shortage time for homework because of much  loading in sport sections, etc.  It was really surprise when children understood that nothing bad will happen whether they do their home task or not. It means they will receive neither marks, nor praise: it is up to a child where to do it or not. And they started doing it for the sake of themselves. Now the majority of the students do some exercises from the additional set, and some do everything in full. It is amazing that some of the students do the tasks which were not given by a teacher because they understand that it is necessary for them for working off some concrete moments.

Conscious learning is also achieved by the fact that everyone can influence on his process of learning. Regularly doing control cuts and fixing on scales benefits on these or those competences, is analyzed to understand why it occurred and what could be good to add or change for continuous growing up on a scale. There is also a collection of data on opinions about changes in educational process, formats of lessons, types of out-of-class actions. All wishes are heard and taken into consideration. These actions significantly influence on the positive conscious relation to teaching and learning process, doing pupils equal participants of school life.

It is important to remember about a ladder of competences which is fair for any project including academic year.

The understanding where you are now, at what stage you are and how this period can be characterized — is also about conscious learning, understanding the process itself and the place in this process. You may either tell children about a ladder of competences without terms and the ladder, or give an example of climbing the mountain: where you were, where you are now and how this period is characterized. Clarity in this question gives calmness and confidence that here and now with me everything is all right, and it isn't necessary to compare my results of achievements with the classmates, it is important to monitor only as far as I changed in comparison with my yesterday's achievements. It is clear that after identifying yourself on this route, there won`t be less work to do, but there is an understanding following the tranquility and aiming at a result.

Having the  discussion on the subject about  "Class of My Dream" and "Qualities of a Class" —what we want to be and what to do for this purpose, found out that all goals and , wishes are structured in two directions: to be clever and to be friendly. And further children answered each of 4 questions on these directions:

  • What changes do I want?
  • Why is it personally important for me?
  • How will I understand, that these have taken place?
  • What am I ready to do in order these changes have taken place?

And then everyone writes what steps he will already take tomorrown to come nearer to these changes. In a week the dynamics is monitored, whether the plan has been realized or no, what obstacles has arisen and what else it is necessary to do. And again come back to a second circle answering these 4 questions …

One more important point on the way to conscious learning and internal motivation – tracking own achievements. It leads to the formation of reflective skills, self-assessment that eventually gives to pupils the chance effectively operate the learning process; promote development of consciousness, ability to take the responsibility for results of the educational activity. In a month or two there is time given for summing up the results when everyone fixes the achievements in a notebook, — everything that allows a student to praise and congratulate himself. The results of the pupil testifying his efforts, progress and achievements in various areas for a certain period of time are fixed. And everyone realizes himself as a subject in a school life and not an object. And this allows students to make up new goals and reach them.

Thus this cyclic way, beginning with the statement of the goals through tracking the advance and summing up, builds the ability of the students to study and organize the learning process, ability to accept and keep the goals, follow them, plan the activity, control it and assess.

The main targets which are accomplished lead to conscious positive learning:

  • maintenance of high educational motivation, activity and independence;
  • acquisition of reflective skills and , development self- assessment skills;
  • formation of a pupil the ability to study – to set the goals, to plan and organize own learning process;
  • creation of the situation of success, increase  of a self-assessment and confidence in own opportunities;
  • the disclosure of children’s` individual abilities;
  • formation of vital ideals, stimulation the aspiration of self-improvement

What do you think about all these changes? All of them are done with a help of simple coaching instruments, which do not require much time of a teacher and can be easy build up in the education.  It is amazing because every time you can open for yourself immense horizons and boundless opportunities of application coaching in teaching and educational process. Work at school turns into a creativity stream where the amazing unique world of the childhood is created.


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