IV International Conference “Coaching in Education”

The purpose of this on-line conference is to create an inspiring and supportive environment for teachers and coaches so that they can share information, solutions and best coaching practices in education and upbringing.

Participation is free. A Certificate of Attendance can be ordered separately.

Each day of the conference is dedicated to one general topic.

1 day. Coaching in Primary, Secondary Education and Higher Education. Coaching in Youth Career Counseling.

Day 2. Parent as Coach. Coaching for parents.

3 day. Coaching as Part of Continuous Professional Education and Administration of Educational System. Coaching in Tutoring.


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1 day. 2016 November 22

Coaching in Primary, Secondary Education and Higher Education. Coaching in Youth Career Counseling.


Opening of the Conference

РФ, г.Москва

Olga Gavrilina

ACC ICF, Candidate of Philological Sciences (PhD), practicing teacher, coach of scientific and creative processes

Teaching Literature Through Coaching

While helping kids develop their reading skills it is important to foster awareness of students. We will focus on how to ignite interaction of the three aspects of a reader’s identity and how to disclose the reader’s talent.

Contact details

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Inga Kuznetsova

 Инга Кузнецова

Educational supervisor

Developing personal and general educational regulatory action through coaching practices. Live Training Book.


11:15 (мск)

РФ, г.Москва, Норвегия, г.Осло

Anna Lebedeva, Ian Georg Kristiansen

Honored guests and speakers who contributed greatly to the development of the “Coaching in Education” project.

Anna Lebedeva

Director of the International Erickson University of Coaching in the CIS,  professional coach (PCC ICF). Over 20 years of experience in the field of education. Anna has created and keeps coordinating a network of partners and trainers of the International Erickson University in the Russian Federation and CIS. She is a senior trainer for "The Science and Art of Management Coaching" certification program.  Former member of the ICF Board of Directors.

Ian Georg Kristiansen

MCC ICF, first Master Coach in Norway (Master Certified Coach of the International Coaching Federation), Head of Erickson University Nordic since 1998. More than 10 000 hours of coaching sessions. 15 years of experience as a mentor-coach. Has been performing as a trainer since early 90th, works as business coach, consultant and team coach for a number of companies, as well as various private and public schools in Europe. Co-author of two books on coaching: "Coaching in Schools - a Personal Guide", "Professional Dialogue. Coaching in Managerial Conversations." Former member of the ICF Nordic Board of Directors.


РФ, г.Москва

Irina Shelud’ko

Business Coach PCC ICF, MBA, certified trainer on emotional intelligence. Former President of ICF Russia Chapter (2014-2015). Founder of Youproject.

Creating a high performance culture of educational institutions with the help of coaching solutions

  • +7 965 3677910
  • irina.sheludko@youproject.ru
  • http://youproject.ru



13:00 (мск)

UK, London

Caitlin Walker

Director of "Clean Learning" and the developer of "System Modeling ™». She promotes her ideas in the most complex projects. Her programs have become one of the most popular in the field of business training in the UK.

Catelin developed a number of procedures and techniques, which formed the basis of "Creative Management” MBA program in the Open University. She is an educator at the Liverpool John Moores University, teaches modelling skills as past of cultural change in large organizations

She develops customized programs on diversification of conflicts, leadership, management of mergers and the creation of "learning organizations" for various companies, as well as providing training on them.


РФ, г.Москва

Svetlana Shapovalyants

Expert in change management, training and development of leaders, professional facilitator and coach with over 1200 hours of  experience.


"Clean Language" in education


РФ, г.Москва

Elena Farba

Ph.D., Associate Professor of the State University of Management, certified trainer and coach for the International School of Business Trainers ICBT, head of the  ICBT supervision center, ICF member.

Coaching approach in interaction with students. Case study.

  • эл.почта: eofarba@mail.ru


Украина, г.Донецк

Anna Mirtsalo

Teacher-psychologist of the highest qualification category at Donetsk Technical School of Chemical Engineering and Pharmacy, certified coach.

Experience of introducing coaching approach in the work of a teacher of economic disciplines as part of secondary vocational education.

почта: anna.konstantinova.78@mail.ru


РФ, Саратовская обл., г.Петровск

Svetlana Timoschuk

Educator with over 30 years of experience. Teacher at secondary school №3 (Petrovsk, Saratov Region), certified coach

Coaching approach in coordination of research and project activities as part of FSES implementation.

эл.почта: timoshuck.sveta@yandex.ru


РФ, г.Москва

Svetlana Chumakova

Founder and Director General of International Coaching Academy. First MCC ICF coach in the Russian Federation (2006), pioneer of coaching in Russia (1997) with over 3000 hours of experience. Executive & Team Coach. Mentor Coach ICF & Supervisor. Founder and the first President of ICF Russia Chapter (2002-2010)

Trainer-developer of “Coaching in Business and Organizations” (ACTP ICF), “Power of a Team”, “Coaching Competence and Emotional Intelligence in Business”, “Core Coaching Competencies” (CCE ICF)

Associate Professor of the Faculty of "Psychoanalysis and Business Consulting" at Higher School of Economics.

Lecturer at Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration on "Leadership in today's world. Coaching Skills for Managers "

Coaching at school. Physical education as an opportunity for a breakthrough in the development of goal setting, thinking, will, and character of the youth.




РФ, г.Москва; Сан-Диего, США

Maria Nekrasova

Elementary school teacher, coach

Coaching approach in on-line teaching of young learners or “You become responsible forever for what you have tamed.

mvukki@mail.ru www.mvukki.ru https://www.facebook.com/mvukki


РФ, г.Балашов

Victoria Sayapina

Professional English teacher, practicing teacher at “Krylia” educational centre

Coaching preschoolers and grade school students

почта, ВК (https://vk.com/id266211195)


Irina Guzenko


Teacher of Computer Studies, business-trainer, coach

Creating a coaching space in specialized classes for the successful fulfillment of students



РФ, г.Псков

Natalia Zarembo

Teacher of Russian Language and Literature of the highest category. Honorary Worker of Education of the Russian Federation. Teacher in "Socio-economic lyceum № 21 named after S.V.Samoylov, Pskov. Certified coach (Ericson University International)

Сoaching tools raising awareness in the classroom. How to develop a yearly educational plan, foster kids freedom of choice, create a path of self-development and self-realization.





Irina Koskinen

Certified coach, ACC ICF

Coaching in Finnish educational system - school and family environment. Case studies.



Natalia Chuprina

Основатель Креатив-центра «Простір розвитку особистості» и Workshop Edu-Games Ukraine, «Школы образовательного коучинга», партнер проекта Лига Креатива, сертифицированный тренер и коуч (life-коучинг, командный и подростковый коучинг), игротехник, фасилитатор, автор тренингов личностного развития и поиска предназначения, организатор и партнер проекта «Создание образовательных игр по технологи «SMART Game», автор и ведущая трансформационной игры «Танго отношений», ведущая игры «Business Poker» (автор К. Галюк). Организатор І Конгресса коучей образования Украины: «Профессионально-личностное развитие педагогического персонала» и соорганизатор Профориентационных Форумов «Профориентация. Образование. Будущее» , Фестиваля образовательных игр «Edu-Games Space-2016»

Новая коуч-парадигма в образовании: развитие творческого потенциала ученика и учителя


2 day. 2016 November 23

Родитель как коуч. Воспитание и семейное образование.


Открытие 2 дня


РФ, Москва

Natalya Suslova

Professional coach, Ph.D., the author of the book "Bringing kids talents to light simply and joyfully". Natalia is a happy mother and provides training sessions for parents.

7 steps in development of your child. Coaching approach


Республика Беларусь, г.Минск

Ekaterina Malysheva

Educator, mother of two (9 and 4 years old), founder of “Azbuka Haraktera” (blog on development of child’s personality)

Coaching tools in homeschooling


РФ, г.Санкт-Петербург

Svetlana Popova

Teacher-psychologist  at St. Petersburg State Pedagogical University named after Herzen. PCC ICF since 2009, leading trainer at the International Erickson University of Coaching, professional mentor. Trainer-developer of coaching programs for children, teenagers and parents. Founder of the  Family and Youth segment at the ‘First Training Company’ (St. Petersburg). Mother of two grown-up sons and grandmother of two granddaughters.

Coaching for parents. The importance of freedom to be a parent.


РФ, г.Краснодар

Elena Mechetina

Social psychologist at Moscow State University named after Lomonosov, ICF Professional Certified Coach, business-trainer. Over 15 years of experience in commercial organizations as HR director and organizational development consultant. Founder of the LLC "Coaching Center South" (Krasnodar) and LCC "D-A" (Moscow) - Russia-wide project on emotional intelligence. Married with three children.

Enhancing emotional intelligence in preschoolers and graders



РФ, г.Москва

Olga Schigireva

Ph.D., career-guidance coach at Children's Success Academy (Moscow), expert of the state program "Strategic talent management in the Republic of Tatarstan for 2015-2020"

Parent role in self-determination of teenagers


UK, London

Penny Tompkins and James Lawley

Co-developers of Symbolic Modelling and leading authorities on the use of self-originated metaphor for personal and professional development. Supervising psychotherapists registered with the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy since 1993. Co-authors of “Metaphors in Mind”. Certified INLPTA trainers.Authors of more than 200 articles on NLP and Symbolic Modelling.

Penny and James pass the knowledge of Symbolic Modelling to therapists, counsellors, coaches, managers and teachers throughout the world.


РФ, г.Москва

Sabina Kuliyeva

Founder and project manager at NLPartnership

Clean language in family education


РФ, г.Москва

Marina Simonova

Agile sales & marketing expert. Professional Coach (ACSTH).

Bringing up a child in the style of Agile-coaching


РФ, г.Красный Сулин

РФ, г. Красный Сулин Ростовской области

Xenia Pugol

English teacher, head of the School student government, professional coach (Krasny Sulin)

Application of coaching techniques to teaching foreign languages


РФ, г.Красный Сулин

Angelika Nikitchenko

Elementary school teacher (Krasny Sulin), professional coach

Positive  parenting


РФ, г.Красный Сулин

Elena Zabolotnaya

Math teacher (Krasny Sulin), professional coach

Coaching approach as means of creating an environment of success for at-risk students


РФ, г.Самара

Ekaterina Almalieva

Child and family psychologist, family coach, teacher-psychologist at secondary school №58, Non-state educational institution"Potential", Samara.

Mother of two children (12 and 5 years old).

Living with kids in the style of coaching


РФ, г.Москва

Lusia Karkle (mother). Ian Karkle (son)

Business trainer and consultant in the field of corporate culture, organizational and personnel development. Executive coach, motivational speaker. Runs a “Training Boutique” company. Since 2011 managing partner and trainer at the International School of Nonverbal Coaching, Head and mentor coach at International Academy of Deep Transformation (CIS and Baltic Countries).

Coaching in upbringing. View from the other side (interview with Ian Karkle)



Maria Studenovskaya

Music teacher at School of early musical development “Muzykal’nye Stupen’ki” (Music Steps)

Parent, youth and children coach. Mother of 4 children.

I want to study at home! How to support a homeschooled child using coaching tools


Франция, г.Бордо

Karina Zarubo

Certified ICF coach, mother of 2 children

Mind mapping as a creative method of parent-kid communication with children of  6-12 years old


РФ, г. Москва


Ruzanna Atasunts

Coach PCC ICF, executive coach, certified coach of deep transformation, HRD-director at WIN2WIN Communications, certified psychogenetics ATIM USA with 18 years of experience in counseling and teaching of Teutsch IDEAL method

Win-win parenting style. Creation of resourceful patterns in relationships with children.


3 day. 2016 November,24

Коучинг в повышении квалификации и управлении образованием



Открытие 3 дня конференции



Республика Казахстан, г.Павлодар


Julia Melnikova

Senior Manager at "Center of pedagogical skills", Pavlodar (Kazakhstan)

Individual trajectory of teacher’s development through coaching tools within a framework of "Teacher leadership at school" training program for teachers of the Republic of Kazakhstan


РФ, г.Красный Сулин

Victoria Evtukhova

Professional coach. Director of secondary school № 5, Krasny Sulin, Rostov region - the first school in Russia introducing a systematic coaching approach at all levels.

Coaching culture in development of professional competencies of the head of the educational institution.


UK, London

Julie McCracken

 Author of Clean Language in the Classroom
Creating conditions for you and the children in your care to flourish.

My experience, in developing coaching approaches in Classrooms for 16 years and in using Clean Language in Classrooms to enhance thinking, creativity, learning, respect, confidence and co-operation for over a decade, has led me to realise that children (and their educational progress) can be served so effectively through a Clean approach.

The majority of my work (and most of the examples in my book) relates to teaching children aged 4 to 11 years in UK primary schools. I have been a teacher for over twenty years and a coach for 16 of those years.

Some of my experience and examples relate to teaching children aged up to 16 in UK secondary schools.

I have also worked with experienced, novice and student teachers on their professional development and trained education advisors in the use of Clean Language and have used Clean Language in dialogues with parents to support them in supporting their children.

I am currently working with disengaged young people aged 18 - 21 years (in prisons) to facilitate self-awareness, learning and engagement and thereby help to reduce their reoffending.

At last my book is available! 
You can read reviews and order a copy at... bit.ly/1Qsie3x

07525 454 750


РФ, Москва

Anastasia Borisova

Certified coach and business trainer, professional teacher, Master of Linguistics in Intercultural Communications and PR. Founder of English4.me (bringing up bilingual kids in monolingual environment) and English4.pro (coaching in learning and teaching foreigh languages). “Coaching basics” course trainer.

The power of not knowing. What are we afraid of being in an expert position as educators and coaching recipes to deal with this fear.


РФ, г.Челябинск

Nadezhda Bukharina

Certified coach, NLP master, business-trainer, Erikson University graduate, director of the Erikson International University of Coaching  rep-off in Chelyabinsk, works with teenages.

Professions of the 21st century, how to choose the direction and the educational institution. Key features of the 21st century and current system of education.



Zhanna Nutevgi, Tatyana Plotnikova

Project “Happy to be a teacher”

Real stories from school teachers-coachees through the project implementation. How coaching is applied for psychological support of teachers and prevention of emotional burnout.


РФ, г.Волгоград

Maria Lukina

General director of Fenix Group, leader of  the original methodic community, author of educational and assessment techniques, participant in a number of practical conferences in the field of education.

Coaching and formation of integral personality. Resource or transformational teacher?



Olga Rybina


PhD in Psychology, Certified business-trainer

Director of the International Centre of Professional Coaching ICP Centre

Co-author and presenter of the International educational program “Coaching. Opportunities Without Limits” (ACSTH ICF),

International program for coaches “Professional mentor-coach”(CCE ICF),

Program for practising coaches “Coaching in sport” (CCE ICF),

International program  “Emotional intelligence of a coach”

Live demo-session with the Contest winner


РФ, г.Москва

Julia Chuchno

Certified coach (PCC ICF, BCC CCE).

Executive and business coach,mentor and supervisor for coaches and coach-competent leaders.

Managing partner of Nova Terra Coach Training&Corporate Development in Russia and CIS.

Co-presenter of “Mastery and Art of Coaching” (ACTP).

Leading Coach of Centre of Creative Leadership (CCL), associated coach of Rosinki&Company, Net Expat.

Co-founder of Association of Russian-speaking coaches, member of the working group, developing a professional standard of “Coach” in Russia.

Coaching and coaching approach in education - what is the difference?

What is the difference between a “coaching approach” and professional coaching

To what extent is it possible to imply professional standards of coaching in education?

How to overcome a trap of “teacher’s expertise”?


РФ, г.Москва

Alexandra Kryzhanovskaya

Head of the methodic department of Moscow High School of Engineering

Coaching approach within programs of professional development


Республика Казахстан, г.Алматы

Irina Rozhdestvina

Business trainer, psychologist, coach, neurographic instructor

Coaching in further education and professional development. How to teach to learn?


РФ, Ростовская обл., г.Батайск

Vyacheslav Pyrkov

  • certified Erikson coach, teacher of Mathematics and Informatics, PhD in Pedagogic, associate professor, professor of Russian Academy of Natural Science


Coaching model in educational space of modern educational institution



Irina Komarova

Business-trainer, coach

Coaching approach in adult education. Metaphors and basic coaching tools in use.



Elza Antropova

Teacher of mathematics at secondary school № 249

My start in coaching. Coaching techniques implementation in mathematics and class management


Испания, г.Мадрид

Julia Koneva

Psychologist, coach

Special aspects of training in bilingual environment.



Nadezhda Epova

Head of the department of scientific and methodical work, senior lecturer of the department of educational administration of the Rostov Institute of Advanced Training and Retraining of Educators. PhD. in Psychology,  professional coach.

Author of scientific articles and manuals presenting the use of coaching in management of an educational institution. Head of the regional project "Formation of a regional innovation cluster of effective educational systems" (RIC).

What question do you want an answer to? Or an educator-coach in further training



Natalia Aristarkhova

Certified coach, Development Director in Personal Growth Center "New Day" (Novy Den’)

Natalia Gulchevskaya

ACC ICF, Founder of ‘Coaching in Education“, "Introduction to Coaching in Education" course trainer, co-director of the Moscow office of Founder Institute

How to introduce coaching into an educational organization: strategy, experience, overcoming difficulties

Title Sponsors

Hereby we express our gratitude to the  Foundation for Support and Development  "Virtue" (Dobrodetel’) for the sponsorship


The conference is held with support of the ICF Russia Chapter.

Our speakers received their basic coaching education in different schools and have different experience in the field but all of us promote coaching meeting the standards of the ICF Code of Ethics and professional standards

Coaching Schools supporting the Conference

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