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Dear Sir or Madam,

We are writing you to suggest taking part in the research, which is conducted by the “Coaching in Education” project (http://coachingineducation.ru/). This is the major russian-speaking online-resource for the coaching experts in the pedagogical area.

This research is based on up-to-date data. Its' main goal is to integrate and consolidate coaching process in school.

Why is it important?

Sharing experience helps to make the education much more qualified and to grow knowledge of practical instruments.

Why do we guarantee professional approach to the research?

 The research is supervised by the International Coach Federation and National Research University “Higher School of Economics” (HSE). *

What do we offer?

You will get the research results with the conclusions and also we offer to publish the description of your education project on our website.

Furthermore we can offer you an exclusive possibility to take part in Annual online-conference which is the part of the project “Coaching in Education” which will be arranged in autumn of 2016. Your colleagues or yourself will have an opportunity to be speakers and to share your experience with other participants.

You have only time till 28th of April. To start the survey, please click the link below: CLICK HERE


Please send us your logo-image attached to your e-mail. Our address is: 4teens@coachingineducation.ru

* This survey is conducted

  • as a part of the thesis research, which is supervised by the Department of Psychoanalysis and Business-consulting, Faculty of Social Sciences, National Research University “Higher School of Economics”
  • as a preparation for the Open Annual International Conference “Coaching in Education 2016” (arranged by the “Coaching in Education” project:http://coachingineducation.ru/).


…with the support of

Natalia Dolina, Ph. D. in Economics, Business-coach/ Executive,  CEO and co-founder of the European Business Coaching Center,  Assistant Professor at the Department of Psychoanalysis and Business-consulting, Higher School of Economics (HSE), lecturer of the original courses: Institute of Business Studies, RANEPA; MGIMO-University, HSE.  President of ICF Russia Chapter 2011-2013.

Irina Sheludko,Professional coach, certified by E.A.C.E.I.P (European Association of Cultural and Emotionally Intelligent Projects); CEO of the coaching-focused company Youproject; President of ICF Russia Chapter 2014-2015;

The Coaching in Education” project (http://coachingineducation.ru/) and its’ leader Natalia Gulchevskaya, ICF Coach, MSc in Psychology, certified business-coach, total experience in teaching - more than 15 years, 8 years of teaching pedagogical psychology in Rostov institute of advanced training for teachers. Leads the course “Introduction into the Coaching in Education” since 2011.

The respondent of this survey is agreeing with further processing of his data.  The organizers’ team may guarantee that information that was get during the survey will never be used for commercial purposes.

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